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Get to know the cities we love

Quentin hotels wants to provide everyone with the opportunity to explore the cities we know and love. Therefore we have a collection of unique hotels located in the city centres of Amsterdam, Berlin and Prague.



Wondering where to stay within the city centre of Amsterdam, Berlin or Prague. We have the place for you! Whether you are visiting for business or leisure we have the perfect location. Near the Messe in Berlin, the museums in Amsterdam or the Charles bridge in Prague. we got you covered. We are everywhere. Check out our different locations and what activities are close to each venue. We are here to help you find the ideal location for your stay.



Each of our venues has a unique character, style and story. No room is the same and all hotels are in interesting buildings, conform to the city they are in. In order to make sure we can provide everyone with the opportunity to explore the cities we know and love.



We understand that you are not coming to one of the greatest cities in the world to sit in the hotel room all day, so we make sure that you are able to explore the city the best way there is. We provide you with our own city map, to show all that the city has to offer and tickets for all activities. Everything is nearby, because we are located at the heart of every city.


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